Young Maryam who prayed for God to forgive Daesh will soon be back in Qaraqosh

The young Christian Maryam had moved the whole world by testifying in front of the cameras of her flight from Qaraqosh, at the time of the incursion of the Islamic State in the village.

En 2014, Maryam, showing maturity, intelligence and unshakeable faith, made it possible to put a face to a situation still little revealed to the general public. This young Christian from the East, interviewed by a host of the Christian children's TV channel Sat 7 Kids, moved the world by declaring that she prayed for God to forgive her persecutors. She forgave them herself, feeling no desire for revenge. In this interview, Maryam also revealed that she wanted to find her home in Qaraqosh and had performed a heartbreaking song.

“God loves everyone… I'm not angry with God because we left Qaraqosh, I thank him because he provided for us. Even though we are suffering here, he provides for us ”

Questioned a second time in 2016 in Erbil by the NGO Aid to the Church in Distress, the public found the little girl with a communicative smile, still radiant. She asked for prayer again and prayed herself in faith for the protection of God and for the sick, continuing:

"I pray for those who seek the truth ... And I pray for the Islamic State, that one day love takes possession of their hearts ..."

Qaraqosh has been freed and Maryam will soon be able to see her city again. Asked by the children's channel on October 21, she reportedly said according to Christian today :

“I'm going to see my friends again… I'm going to see my house and my country, the place I love! "

Miriam's father, Waleed, also spoke:

“There are no words to express how we feel, but in Iraq we say Wenseh . It is the feeling we have when we are at home. Never mind the destruction. "


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