Thanks to Superbook, a young boy escapes video game addiction and suicidal thoughts

Minh Viet was only 8 years old when he took a liking to violent video games. He quickly played several hours a day in front of his screen, and the addiction unfortunately gradually took hold in his life.

TKings years later, one of the most visible effects of the young boy's addiction was the uncontrollable blinking of his eyes. Minh Viet is so addicted to these games that he is no longer aware of the passage of time, he loses the taste for other activities and sinks into a destructive spiral.

His mother Ngocanh Le is then distraught in the face of the depressive state and dependent on her son. She no longer knows how to act. One day, she confiscates the tablet, but the child's reaction is so strong that this event will prompt her to act.

Minh Viet recounts his feelings after this deprivation.

" I was crying. I wanted to kill myself. "

Inspired by the behavior of the characters in his games, Minh Viet plans to jump off a roof to finish it off. Ngocanh Le remembers:

“He said he wanted to kill himself. He couldn't do what adults expected of him. He felt like a failure. "

Distraught, her Christian mother then thinks that only prayer and the Bible will be able to help her very young son. She decides to attract his attention with a medium that is likely to interest him naturally, and begins to make him watch the episodes of Superbook, recently distributed by CBN in Vietnam.

And Minh Viet's life was transformed.

“I love Jesus because he saved me many times. "

His mother attests, Superbook allowed Minh Viet to get out of video game addiction.

“He went from video games to Superbook. He understands the Bible better. And sometimes he tells me he feels a sinner. But God saved him. He was touched by God. At school, he improved a lot. "

Minh Viet now advises Superbook to his friends.

“I have a friend in Saigon who is addicted to video games. I told him to stop playing games and look at Superbook instead. "


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