Worry, you won't get me! : Discover the testimony of Aurore, prone to chronic pain

Aurore, prone to significant chronic pain, gives her tips for not being devoured by worry.

Aurore is 27 years old. She describes herself as "the lab mouse that doctors pass on to themselves." Her diagnosis is unclear, but what is is that her teenage back pain has spread throughout her body, gradually, and for several years now she has had to deal with day and night. night with pain.

However, the young polydesigner testifies that "the concern is very little present". And it was oddly the early sense of the gravity of his situation that allowed him to let go. "The death of my aunt in her forties from a disease not clearly identified, but similar to my symptoms, took me out of the comparison and the expectation of a normal life."

Path of reconciliation

Before arriving to "let God totally manage his future", Aurore went through several stages. The one where she prayed every day for her healing, then the one where she threw her Bible under a cupboard. Called upon by the verse which says: "Be reconciled with God" (2 Cor. 5:20), she made a "deal" with him: that of being reconciled with him and with life, in general, if he took his cause in hand. Since then, she prays to have the strength for the present day and leaves to God the care of the following.

His anti-anxiety techniques

Aurore has developed strategies to deal with anxiety-provoking situations that still present themselves to her. A true pro of "plans B", she finds an alternative to every difficulty: if she has to spend time in the hospital, which she hates, she manages to take an exciting file with her; if she has more difficulty walking, for a few days she allows herself time to paint; if she's not sleeping, she's watching a good movie, to clear her mind. “There are always options other than worry,” she concludes.

Rebecca Reymond

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