Women who bear witness to their faith through creativity

They believe in God and transmit his thoughts through the gifts they have received.

Gwyne, painter

“My paintings speak of the love of God. "

At Père-Lachaise cemetery, Gwyne sees young people gathered around Jim Morrison's grave. Struck by this scene, she takes a photo. This image will inspire his first painting: “Jesus and the two blind men of Jericho”, revised in a contemporary style. “Jesus is in color, alive and well, unlike the one many still worship in this cemetery,” comments the artist, a fifty-five-year-old pastor's wife. Since then, she has painted pictures that bear witness to her faith.

Gwyne came to faith while studying fine arts in the United States. She began to paint when her third child was born. She does not want to sell her work, which she considers as a whole, a single message. On the other hand, she has exhibited her paintings on several occasions and wishes to share in person a part of painful experience that is reflected in them. In spring 2010, it will be at the Crêt-Bérard center, in Puidoux (Switzerland).

“My desire is to bear witness to the power of God's love, to the way he has saved me. This is what is most important to me! », Confides the American.

Carine, dancer

“The dance represents the freedom found. "

As far as her memories go, Carine loves to dance. However, it was necessary for God to cross her path, around the age of thirty-three, for her to make her lifelong passion a means of witness. Today, when she dances, Carine feels fully happy and in a deep relationship with God. Over the years, she has seen that dance is a powerful language for talking about the love of God and the freedom we find in him.

Thus, in parallel to her activities as a dance teacher, she performs in different contexts: cults, weddings, in houses and most recently in front of an audience of deaf people. And the impact is real: people in the audience are moved to tears, understand a gospel truth better, or experience inner healing. Today, his prayer is that God send him even more to those who do not know him.

Martina, mime

“We remember better when we see. "

"I thought I was carried away to heaven": words of a spectator moved without being herself a believer. This appreciation, received at the end of a show, is one of Martina's best memories. Since 1994, this German has been exhibiting her faith through mime as part of the Innovo France association. She performs with her husband Farid or a troupe of artists in halls, weddings, conferences, outdoors or even during the Telethon.

“I would like to testify that God wants to be close to us, that he wants to manifest himself in our daily lives. "

For the forties, mime is a good way to convey this message: "We live in an audio-visual world: it has been proven that we remember better when we see a scene than when we hear a message. ". The spectators appreciate the professionalism of the artists but are especially challenged by their attitude. Bet won for Martina!

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