With "Another Idea of ​​the World", BHL brings us "closer to martyred peoples"

France 5 broadcast “Another Idea of ​​the World”. A film directed by Bernard-Henry Lévi, who went “to the front of forgotten wars”.

In 2020, Bernard-Henri Lévy left, at the request of Paris-Match, “as close as possible to martyred peoples”. In Nigeria, Ukraine, Somalia, Libya, Afghanistan, Kurdistan or even Bangladesh and Lesbos, he met children, women, men "battered by life, war, exodus, poverty and hunger ”.

"While the West is confined in the fear of an unknown virus, no curfew on the front of the forgotten wars", we hear in the trailer of the film directed by Bernard-Henri Lévy and co-directed by Marc Roussel , in order to shed light on "silent wars", "give a face" to "ignored, abandoned peoples".

"I believe in the virtue of the field," says Bernard-Henri Lévy in a maintenance.

“Because I believe in the virtue of the field. Experience. Contact with things themselves. And I believe that, when you do that without blinkers and without prejudices, you see absolutely incredible things that escape all grids of interpretation and interpretation. A beginning, for example, of genocide of Christians in Nigeria. Moments of solitude, among the Kurds, whose tragic grandeur is obvious. The ghost town par excellence, the rotten city, the putrid city: Mogadishu. The film tells it all. "

When Bernard-Henri Lévy evokes the birth of this film, he speaks of a mixture of “circumstance and necessity”.

“The need is that I spent my life, on the fringes of my philosophical work, doing reports and making films from them. The circumstance is a magazine, Paris Match, which commissioned me a series of great stories. A bit like Le Monde, in the early 2000s. With the same 'specifications' as at the time. With the same idea of ​​going to look for forgotten wars, situations with little coverage, places of suffering and misery where it is difficult to go and where, when we come back from there, we bring back stories that are hardly interesting. the people. "

To the world of "egoists" and "cynics", BHL opposes "another idea that takes into account the suffering of Bangladeshis, the agony of migrants from Lesbos, or the terror in the eyes, in life and in death Christians of Nigeria ”.

In Nigeria, BHL reveals the tensions between Christians and Muslims in the early 2000s, "which have become persecution of Christians by Muslim extremists".

“The Boko Haram sect, in particular, seeks to establish an Islamic state through terror and regularly engages in massacres of Christians. "

In Kurdistan, "the country that does not exist", Bernard-Henri Lévy will be the voice of the Kurds of Syria.

In Ukraine, he witnesses an armed conflict that is developing into "open war" between Russian-speaking separatists and the Ukrainian army.

In Somalia, he describes a country plagued by incessant civil wars between rival factions, and in particular its capital, Mogadishu, which has become the site of all violence and corruption. And in the midst of this chaos, the Islamist rebellion of the Shebabs, militias affiliated with Al-Qaida, are trying to establish an Islamic state.

Bernard-Henri Lévy also went to Bangladesh, where a third of the population lives below the poverty line, to Libya, a country "in a situation of civil war" since 2014, or even to Afghanistan.

First broadcast on CanalPlus in June, “Another Idea of ​​the World” was broadcast on Sunday evening on France 5. A film to watch this week in replay here.


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