Why did the Jews not believe in Jesus?

A question asked by the organization One For Israel, an evangelistic ministry among the Jews, based in Jerusalem.

Din this video released by the ministry One For Israel, these two men offer an answer. Why did the Jews not believe in Jesus? The influence of the religious authorities would have, according to them, had a great influence. Check out their response in the following video.

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Rabbi Isaac Liechtenstein, who lived in the 20th century, the chief rabbi of Hungary was ready to swim against the tide. Although it is forbidden, he read the New Testament. Here are his words:

“I thought the New Testament was an unclean book, a source of pride, selfishness, hatred, anti-Semitism and violence. But when I opened this book it captured my heart in a special and wonderful way. All of a sudden, the glory and the light flooded my soul. I was looking for thorns, but I found roses, pearls instead of stones. I found love instead of hate. Instead of revenge, I found forgiveness. Freedom instead of slavery. ”


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