Why does God let me suffer?

The apostle Peter gives us 4 answers to this riddle: why God lets me suffer?

Lhe question of suffering is often debated in Christian circles. Shouldn't a servant of God be showered with all of God's blessings? The Bible is full of promises of healing and abundance… So why sickness? Why death? Why the lack? Why the loneliness? The first epistle of Peter gives us 4 answers to this riddle.

When I am in pain I draw closer to God

As we consider the negative side of pain, even going so far as to think of it as some kind of punishment, Peter sees it as a way to draw closer to God. Even if the suffering lasts, Peter reminds us of the fleeting side of the trial in terms of “the praise, the glory and the honor when Jesus appears”. It is an undeniable fact that when we suffer we turn to God. To implore his grace or to express our incomprehension, even our anger, but we turn our eyes towards him. And He then knows how to shape us.

This is what gives your joy, although now, since it is necessary, you will be grieved for a little while by various trials, so that the test of your faith, more precious than the perishable gold which however is tested by fire, result in praise, glory, and honor, when Jesus Christ appears.
1 Stone 1: 6-7

When I suffer I follow Jesus' example

Jesus is the perfect model of the suffering servant. He endured the ultimate suffering for us to live through Him. We don't need to suffer like He suffered because He paid the price once and for all. But when we suffer, then we share this commonality with Jesus. Let's stay true to the end like He was.

But if you endure the suffering when you do what is right, it is a favor before God. And that's what you were called to, because Christ also suffered for you, leaving an example for you, that you might follow in his footsteps.
1 Stone 2: 20-21

When I am in pain I am called to bless others

Stretch the right cheek. An ideal that seems inaccessible under certain conditions. Yet this is what we are called upon. To choose to bless the one who makes us suffer is to enter into the blessing oneself. God has mercy on him who shows mercy.

Finally, be all animated with the same thoughts and feelings, full of brotherly love, compassion, humility. Do not pay back evil for evil, or insult for insult; bless, on the contrary, for it is to this that you have been called, in order to inherit the blessing.
1 Stone 3: 8-9

When I suffer, I measure the faithfulness of God

One day our suffering will end. Today we are following the example of Jesus in his suffering, tomorrow we will also follow him in his resurrection. Already, He is preparing a place for us where there is no suffering, no mourning, no sickness. For now, one truth remains: Even in the midst of the worst of suffering, He continues to take care of us.

And unload all your worries on him, for he himself takes care of you.
1 Stone 5: 7


source: Cross walk

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