About us

IC News is a French press company created on January 1, 2019 with the aim of deciphering the news by bringing a Christian perspective. IC NEWS is a member of the ZeWatchers media group. (see legal notices)

The website infochretienne.com, founded in 2013 by Guillaume Anjou and published by IC News, was recognized on June 4, 2019 by the Joint Committee for Publications and Press Agencies (Ministry of Culture) as an “online press service”.

The vocation ofInfo Chrétienne, a non-denominational and a-political media, is to inform Christians in order to encourage them, edify them and mobilize them.

The writing ofInfo Chrétienne is composed of : Eric Célérier, director of the publication as well as Camille Westphal Perrier, journalist. Occasional contributions are also made by several contributors.

  • Camille Westphal Perrier is a journalist for InfoChretienne since September 2020. She is the author of Jacques, my brother published by Bayard Éditons in 2019.
  • MC is a journalist and has contributed to InfoChrétienne for several years. Because she writes on sensitive subjects, in particular on persecuted Christians, she prefers to remain anonymous.
  • The team of Saje Distribution also maintains a cinema column published every Wednesday on the InfoChrétienne site.
  • The Booost team, has a column dedicated to Christian music published on Fridays every other week.
  • Nathan Lambert is responsible at the Fireplace church in Paris and is part of the New Ground team in France. He is the author of the book God is… He is a monthly columnist on InfoChrétienne where he maintains an opinion piece.
  • InfoChrétienne also regularly disseminates the articles of The Conversation and opinion tickets from Selection Of The Day (LSDJ) when these correspond to our editorial charter.