When Taliban Limits Media Access, "Christian Hackers" Find Solutions

In Afghanistan, "Christian hackers" and the media are organizing to counter the restrictions imposed by the Taliban.

In Afghanistan, the Taliban impose severe restrictions on the media and on freedom of expression. According to Patricia Gossman, from the organization Human Right Watch, "Taliban regulations are so drastic that journalists censor themselves and fear ending up in jail."

The organization Mission Network News says 30 journalists have already been attacked by the Taliban. Despite the dangers, International Media Ministries (IMM) continues to satellite its programs to share the gospel. Denise Godwin is the director of IMM. She explains that there are many satellite dishes hidden on the roofs of houses.

“Satellite is one of the means that cannot be blocked in these parts of the world. Now, it may be illegal to own a satellite dish. There are a lot of rooftop gardens all over the Middle East, which hide satellite dishes. The numbers are pretty incredible. "

She also mentions the role of "Christian hackers" in the face of Internet access limitations.

“There is an organization of Christian hackers, if you will, who try to get things back online when governments take them down. People work in different ways. There is also hand-to-hand delivery of digital files via Bluetooth. You can stream videos to devices without connecting to the internet. "

According to her, it is essential to innovate and adapt. She says, "It is important to use all possible means to reach people."


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