When a 6 year old child wishes to make Jesus known on the occasion of his birthday ...

In Orlando, Florida, Jacoby Enge, a 6 year old boy amazed his parents Rob and Megan, asking them to invite Peter Vandenberg, the vice president of "Christ For All Nations" to his birthday party.

CAs with birthdays for boys his age, the theme for the party is superheroes, but Jacoby has one more idea in mind that he shares with his mom one day on his way home. He wants to invite Peter Vandenberg to his party. When his mom asks him why he wants to invite her, the answer is simple:

“Because I want him to preach the gospel at my birthday party. "

Megan, who works for the CFAN ministry, then sought to find out more about her motivations. Jacoby simply wants "all his friends who don't know Jesus to be able to meet him." He also wishes Peter was there to share his cake! Peter Vandenberg seems to have seized the opportunity offered by the boy. He went to the party and shared the message of the good news to the children and parents gathered for the anniversary.

More than 15 children and adults accepted Jesus as Savior and Lord at the end of the feast. They left home with a Bible wrapped in a piece of paper on which was written:

"Jesus is your hero N ° 1"

For Megan, the mother, this event is an encouragement never to despise the youth, as Paul wrote to Timothy. Rob, the dad, concludes:

“In the scripture we read several stories where Jesus talks about children and their faith. This situation really reminded me of that and challenged me. "


source: CBN

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