What is the "Christian Lifestyle"?

The word lifestyle invades our spaces in the press. Many magazines have opened a “Lifestyle” section. In the Christian world too, we are beginning to see this theme of the Christian lifestyle flourish. Which leads me to answer this question that is regularly asked: what is the Christian lifestyle?

Literally translated as “lifestyle” or “way of life”, lifestyle is a way of life that reflects attitudes and values: those of the person, or of the group of people concerned. The Christian lifestyle is a recent expression, to express something that is as old as Christianity itself.

Among other things, he can go through fashion. That is to say by his clothes, his jewelry, his accessories, and even his music (which is also subject to the effects of fashion). But if I'm asked whether these fashion elements should explicitly represent a biblical message or a cross, the answer is clearly no. The Christian lifestyle, for example, will be to take care not to hurt the other or not to be - as the time-honored expression wants it - an “occasion of fall” for the other. Thus, the simple fact of wearing an outfit respectful of those around me, or clothes that we know the manufacturers have been paid for their work, can be a way of expressing a lifestyle, a Christian lifestyle. Even if these clothes do not have an explicitly Christian motif.

But let's not restrict ourselves! Lifestyle is not just a question of products and objects. It is first of all, as said above, a question of values ​​and attitudes. It is my values ​​that lead me to adopt consistent attitudes.

The Christian faith is the bearer of many values: the search for peace, the desire to forgive, the superiority of love, the quest for wisdom, the demand for honesty, ... And these values ​​will manifest themselves in what I want let shine through me, that is to say through my attitudes, but also my way of behaving with others, the concerts that I am going to see, the type of posters that I am going to put in my room, my clothing, my way of educating and teaching my children, the places I frequent, my way of having fun,… All of this, imbued with the Christian faith, forms the Christian lifestyle.

In short, lifestyle touches everything and imposes nothing. This is the guiding thread of what emanates from me. It's just about living your faith with ease, being yourself and wanting what others perceive of me to be consistent with the values ​​I carry. It's clearer like that, isn't it?

Pascal Portoukalian

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