What life and what future for Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Lebanon and Kurdistan?

1,5 million Syrian refugees live in tents in Lebanon. 500 are housed in Christian communities or with friends. In Iraqi Kurdistan, the city of refuge is Erbil. They live in camps or in buildings transformed into refugee villages in the midst of Kurds who do not speak Arabic.

Che people have been kicked out of their homes. If France has positioned itself to welcome 30 refugees, Lebanon is hosting 000. The cost for Lebanon has been 2 million euros since 000, or one third of the country's annual GDP. Children's education is a priority, but the 000 refugee children are as numerous as the Lebanese children attending public schools. Associations, Christian or not, help refugees but also Lebanese, 15% of the population is below the poverty line.

"We have never closed the doors to Lebanon but it is heavy ... There is the divine miracle that saves Lebanon ... but these people must go home, the war must end" SB Béchara Boutros Raï Patriarche d ' Antioch and all over the East for the Maronite church.

For 2000 years Christians have lived in this Middle East. Antioch, Damascus, Babylon, Nineveh and its plain, the Tigris, the Euphrates… are all places mentioned in the Bible. Some Iraqi Christians are trying to maintain a presence in the Nineveh Plain even though the front line with Daesh is 15 kilometers away. The majority are refugees in Erbil. There is not enough work for all this Iraqi population flocking to Kurdistan. Some refugees leave Erbil for Europe, for a better life leaving the horror behind. The others are waiting to be able to return to their lands where they have lived in peace for generations.

“There are possible outcomes! It is a question of will… To work for a full citizenship for all… That there is a certain distance between the political powers and the religious powers… I am sure that an immense part of the population including Moslem is not found not in this violence, in this cruelty. »Mgr Patrick Gollnisch Director General of l'Oeuvre d'Orient.

On the occasion of Easter, KTOtv broadcast this report in the hope that these refugees can “experience the resurrection” in their countries. To do this, the international community must silence the guns, silence economic, financial or political interests while taking into account the human and spiritual dimension of the Middle East, as the Maronite Patriarch of Antioch reminds us in this report: “We must human beings can live together ”.

Nathanael Bechdolff

Source: With Syrian and Iraqi refugees

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