USA: The trend of non-denominational Christians is confirmed

More and more Christians from Protestant circles claim to be "non-denominational". For a long time Christians have claimed a label, a denomination, but the trend is reversed and Christians seem to be freeing themselves from these cleavages.

AIn the United States, the proportion of Christians of Protestant obedience who do not identify with any denomination would have doubled between 2000 and 2016, according to a Gallup poll. Surprisingly, 1 in 6 Americans is now a non-denominational Christian. This phenomenon can be explained in two ways: The number of Protestants is decreasing, and more and more Americans are avoiding any religious affiliation. Thus, before 2, half of Americans belonged to a Protestant denomination, compared to only 2000% today. According to analysts:

“Churches that adhere to specific and historical denominational affiliations appear to face the greatest challenge of American Protestantism today […] Increasingly, Christian Americans prefer to identify themselves simply as Christians, or attend a number of people. growing non-denominational churches that have no formal allegiance with a larger religious structure. "

There would be a form of skepticism towards movements and federations, even a certain mistrust, to the point that denominational churches now minimize their belonging to one of them, while they carried it like a standard, only a few years ago.

Ed stetzer analyzes the phenomenon as follows:

“Networks are reinventing the way evangelicals and others cooperate and experience ministry in many contexts, crossing various denominational barriers. "

This trend is confirmed by the analysis of the names given to churches, which no longer systematically refer to a federation, but which want to be more impactful.


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