USA: gifted 9-year-old student wants to prove the existence of God

At 9 years old, William Maillis is not an ordinary boy. He has already graduated from high school and is about to begin his studies alongside young people twice his age. But this son of an Orthodox priest is also a Christian, and intends to use his extraordinary capacities for the glory of God.

LWilliam's parents, Peter and Nancy quickly realized that their child was gifted. At 6 months he was already identifying the numbers, at 7 months he was formulating complete sentences. At 21 months, he knew how to multiply, read and write. At 4, he began algebra, sign language and Greek reading, at 5 geometry and trigonometry at 7. At the age of 9, he has now completed his secondary education and is embarking on university studies with a very specific objective.

He wishes to study the physics and chemistry of space, obtain a doctorate and become an astrophysicist, to work around concepts such as “the displacement of space-time”, “singularity” and “pure gravity”. But what is most important to him is to show that "only an external force is capable of assembling the cosmos".

“I want to prove to everyone that God exists. "

Yet, when entering kindergarten, William had failed the test, not identifying gray as a color but as a shadow, or not recognizing the thermometer, his parents using an ear thermometer.

The analysis of the psychologist of the university, specializing in gifted children is today without appeal. For him, William is "a pure genius".

Peter and Nancy continue to accompany their child, throughout his atypical journey with kindness, declaring not to want to push him but to help him make good choices. Her dad regularly encourages her by telling her:

“God gave you a gift. The worst thing would be to reject this gift and not use it for the good of the world. "


source: Yahoo News

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