Underground prison, mass grave and sex trafficking: the scars of the war led by Daesh

Islamic State, ISIS, Daesh, this organization leads a ruthless fight. When the opposing forces regain ground, the discoveries are often gruesome.

En Syria, in Palmyra, a mass grave was discovered by an international coalition led by Washington: 42 corpses, 24 civilians including 3 children and 18 soldiers. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, these are the remains of officers and members of their families executed by Daesh when it entered the city in May 2015. Other mass graves are being sought. A drone filmed the ancient city classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, liberated on March 27 by Bashar al-Assad's army supported by Russia. 20% of the city would have been destroyed.

In Iraq, the province of Al-Anbar is still controlled by Daesh. But during a battle to reclaim a locality, Iraqi forces freed 1500 prisoners from the Islamist organization. This underground prison mainly locked up civilians.

“During their advance to liberate and cleanse the locality of Hit from the [jihadist] organization, the security forces discovered a large prison. », Says Colonel Fadhel al-Nimrawi.

In Lebanon, the country hosting the largest number of Syrian refugees, local police have dismantled a sex trafficking network. The Internal Security Forces specify that they have:

“Rescued 75 women, most of them Syrians who were subjected to beatings, psychological and physical torture, who were forced to perform sexual acts and saw indecent images of them taken and distributed. "


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