Uganda: Islamists burn the house of a Christian family hosting new converts

They are 16 and 17 years old. They live in Uganda and have just turned to Jesus. Their parents are Muslims and their reaction was swift: they threaten them with death.

Lhe 2 teenagers found refuge with a Christian, Stephen Muganzi. It is now Stephen who regularly receives threats on his phone. He didn't care. However, a group that advocates Sharia is now seeking to punish them for their "apostasy".

“At around 18 pm, I saw a group of people approaching my house. I remembered the threats. I told my family to seek refuge. When the attackers approached, I saw that some were wearing Islamic clothes. So I ran to save myself. 20 minutes later, fire was rising from my property. I knew the Muslims had burned my house. "

The damage is considerable. Stephen's 2 teenagers and family are still not safe.

“Be sure we're not done with you. Expect more. The worse is yet to come. "

In mosques in Uganda, Muslims are encouraged to treat those who abandon Islam severely. In another village, jihadists injured 27 people. They were beaten with sticks and metal objects. They worked on a plantation. As part of a humanitarian project, 21 people turned to Jesus in 6 months. The organizers are now receiving threats.

“We have discovered your hidden intentions. Be sure that soon you will reap what you have sown by bringing our members to Christ. "

Pray for the protection of Stephen, his family, members of the humanitarian mission and new converts.


source: Morning Star News

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