Trisomy 18: Love until the end when the medical profession recommends abortion

Pregnancy is a time when life seems to reveal itself on a daily basis. But sometimes ultrasounds reveal abnormalities, genetics get tangled and bring with it its share of struggles. This is the path, painful and passionate, lived by two mothers, Sarah Hynes and Karen Heaton. After a series of examinations, the verdict falls. There is no appeal: trisomy 18.

Chis genetic disease is a chromosomal abnormality bearing on chromosome 18. It affects 1 in 6000 births. While most affected fetuses die in utero, 5% are born, suffering from poor muscle tone, lack of responsiveness, a virtual absence of contact, malformations. Then, they have to deal with heart, kidney and neurological complications.

Faced with this devastating diagnosis, the medical profession offers a solution: abortion.
But Sarah and Karen chose life.

seanmamdad2Sarah Hynes says:

“I knew right away that this was not the way I wanted to deal with this situation. […] I will not lie. It was hard. We've had good and bad days. We tried to do our best to create great memories. "

Seàn lived two days after the birth. Two days where everyone loved him and took care of him. Two days of blessings, according to his mother, who says that "he only knew love. »His fondest memory: watching Seàn, bundled up in his father's protective arms.

Some children decide to challenge genetics, and to celebrate everyday life. This is the case of Donnie Heaton, Karen's son. He lived 22 years. His mother bears witness to strength and love:

“I have been blessed by my family and friends. My church has been a great comfort to me. Even in the midst of struggles, worries, sleepless nights, I'm so grateful to have Donnie. So grateful for this trip, this experience. I wouldn't have missed it for the world. "


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