Lawsuit after the death of a pastor: the victim's family forgives the driver and moves the prosecutor to tears

"We who have been forgiven so much, how can we not forgive you in our turn? "

Wednesday, November 24, during a hearing in the context of the trial of David Nelson responsible for the death of Pastor Verlyn Strenge, several statements from the family and faithful of the Church of the victim shocked the room.

It is a message of forgiveness that the family of Minnesota pastor Verlyn Strenge wanted to convey to the man responsible for the death of their father and husband.

"We forgive you"the pastor's daughter told David Nelson, who hit her father's car with his truck last year when he had a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit, resulting in the pastor's death.

“As hard as it was at first, we want you to know that we have prayed for you over the past year because we know your life has been affected by the biggest mistake of your life,” he said. she continued.

Rick Moore, a member of the First Baptist Church where the late pastor served also spoke. "We who have been forgiven so much, how can we not forgive you in our turn? “, He said with emotion.

Words that turned into action when the pastor's widow and her two children approached David Nelson to hug him.

“I forgive you, David. Please forgive yourself, ”said Verlyn Strenge's wife Merry Gale, kissing her.

An act of forgiveness which deeply touched the judge and the prosecutor present during the hearing. the Christian post reports Judge Eric Schieferdecker who said he has never seen this before, while County Prosecutor Katy Lorsbach was moved to tears.

Verlyn Strenge was 69 at the time of her death on December 6, 2020, according to her obituary reported by CBN News, his "life purpose was to share the love of Jesus Christ with everyone." A mission that his family and his church continue to carry out today, as indicated by this incredible manifestation of forgiveness.

On Twitter, Scott Strenge, the victim's son paid tribute to his father, writing: “Very grateful for the legacy Dad left our family and for Mum's strength to forgive Mr. Nelson. Love your family a little bit more today. "

Camille Westphal Perrier 

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