"Tolerant with the Jews", Iran is threatened by the Islamic State group

Iran is Syria's ally in the conflict between it and the jihadists. On Monday, on social networks, the Islamic State group published a 36-minute video in which it threatened Iran and its guide, Ayatollah Khamenei.

DIn this video, a masked man addresses the Ayatollah in the Farsi language. He threatens the guide and his country because of his alliance with the Syrian regime in the conflict between him and the jihadists. He also insists on what he considers to be tolerance towards Jews. In front of the ruins, he calls out to the Ayatollah:

“You, the person who controls the so-called Iranian Islamic regime, be sure that we will soon destroy your house in this way.”

Regarding the Jews, the masked man says:

“Iran has lifted its slogans against the United States and against Israel to deceive the Sunnis, while Iranian Jews live in safety in Iran under its protection, and it has provided them with temples and churches, as they are can see it in Tehran and Isfahan. ”

Shiite soldiers are beheaded.

“We will conquer Iran and restore the Sunni nation there as it was before.”


source:  Times of Israel

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