Pro-abortion congress: "To terminate a pregnancy is to interrupt a human life" according to a prominent obstetrician

During the 1st “Women's Rights and Health” conference organized as part of the World Day for the Right to Abortion, a question was put to Professor Israel Nisand. “As a doctor, can you tell me when the fetuses actually start to live? "

Lhe response from this eminent university professor, a French obstetrician gynecologist, had the effect of kick in the pro-choice anthill : “From the first cell, he's a human being, he's not a beaver… he's a human being, but he doesn't have all the rights of the person”. What exactly is a human being, dispossessed of his rights? In 40 years of abortion, there is a lack of 6 million French people in France. Every year around the world, 50 million unborn children are eradicated in the name of their mother's freedom - which is to say that every year a country like France would be wiped off the map.

Abortion was already invited into the presidential campaign in the USA: after a video went viral, it appeared that 95% of abortions performed in the second trimester of pregnancy would take place by dismemberment. An unspeakable practice that a senator tries to abolish on behalf of fetal pain. Only one of the two US presidential candidates mentions this point in his program. Candidate Clinton, like everyone else, doesn't care. They are just clumps of cells and tissues after all and to ban dismemberment abortion would be. "A big step backwards", says the Democratic Governor of Pennsylvania ...

Meanwhile in France, the government wants sanction websites who provide information on abortion and which is accused of "deceiving by disclosing biased information on abortion", dixit Laurence Rossignol, Minister of Families, Children and Women's Rights. Bias? In fact the sites in the state collimator are or Supported by lobbies presumably Catholic, they invite themselves into the French presidential election by informing and stimulating reflection, unlike the official government website which ... pushes him to crime.

“To terminate a pregnancy is to interrupt a human life,” recalls Israel Nisand. But for French law on the contrary, it is only once the child is born because we can see it and give it a name, that it has the right to live.

Angelique Azélia SIAR

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