Bored of going to church? Watch rare images of this Chinese underground church

In China, it is illegal to share the Gospel with others. The Church grows in secret, underground, in apartments. The Holy Spirit is at work, preparing hearts, and in the midst of darkness, the testimony of Jesus continues to advance despite persecution.

LThe man interviewed in this video, named Li Yang * for the occasion, has been a Christian for 10 years. As a result of his conversion, his whole family came to Christ. He regrets being prevented by the authorities from sharing the good news of Jesus. For the government, sharing faith in Jesus is a crime. Last week, a friend of his was arrested by police, questioned, beaten so badly that he was left for dead.

“All this for the propagation of the Gospel. "

According to the Christian, in the street, most Chinese have never heard of Jesus or read the Bible.

“Yet everywhere you look there are apartments in which ministries take place. "

The brothers and sisters meet there in the evening in secrecy, praying for protection, and for the Lord to provide opportunities for witnessing.

“Christians live in fear, but God is never afraid, and he will overcome! "

Li Yang wants to go and testify despite the risk. For him, the ministry begins with his neighborhood, the next door, the neighbor upstairs.

“I visit them and share their life and when I have the opportunity, I share the story of Jesus Christ, we pray, and the Holy Spirit does His work. "

Every week he sees new people coming to Christ. He learned two weeks before filming that there was another house church at the top of his building. In the midst of darkness and persecution, the Holy Spirit acts and continues to prepare the hearts of Chinese people to receive forgiveness in Jesus.

“Every day I have the opportunity to share the love of Jesus. I could go to jail, but who can overcome the Lord? Nobody, whatever the country… ”

* The first name has been changed for security reasons


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