Thunderclap in the Senate: Autoconservation of gametes is removed from the bioethics bill

Press release from the Juristes Pour l'Enfance association.

e Senate has just rejected article 2 of the draft law Bioethics who opened self-preservation of gametes without medical reason. As innovations relating to donors are also rejected, the existing law relating to donations is maintained.

The association Child Lawyers welcomes such a vote, the self-preservation of gametes without medical reason being harmful for many reasons:

The self-preservation of the oocytes supposes an oocyte collection, a heavy treatment which is not without risks for the woman. It is contrary to the principle of beneficence to expose a woman to such an act without therapeutic reason.

The promise of a subsequent pregnancy is misleading because, if the stored oocytes are collected "young", the body of the woman concerned will age and the success of the subsequent APM is in no way guaranteed.

Professional careers should be adapted in order to offer women the possibility of having young children rather than lowering the age of childbearing under the pretext of adapting women to market constraints. Such a measure constitutes a step backwards in the fight for gender equality, especially in the professional environment. Once women have the opportunity to vitrify their gametes, they will "pay" directly or indirectly for the choice they make not to do so and to have children in a biological time.

The best interests of the child dictate that a woman has a child when she is of natural childbearing age. Bringing back the childbearing age to the end of a woman's fertile period, that is to say the age of menopause, is forcing an elderly mother on a child. This is not without causing unhealthy difficulties for the child: risk of losing his mother prematurely, not being able to share certain activities with her (given his age, which does not allow him to follow the same rhythm as a person). aged 30), be confronted from his youth with the problems of his mother's aging and caring for an elderly person.

The incentive in the bill for self-preservation of gametes was intended to increase the stock of gametes available for donation. Candidates for assisted reproduction have already reported the pressures to which they were sometimes victims, for the occasion of assisted reproduction, to agree to donate their gametes for other couples. As soon as people ask for the self-preservation of their gametes, the risk of pressure exerted to get them to donate is present. However, a donation made under such conditions presents flawed consent and significant legal risks.

Lawyers for Children is delighted that common sense and the good of women and children finally prevail over the prospects for profits associated with the all-out commodification of procreation.

Association press release Child Lawyers, 23 January 2020.

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