Thousands of Muslims Convert in Syria After Witnessing God's Power

For the European Union, "the conflict in Syria has triggered the biggest humanitarian crisis since World War II". 

on rapport, dating from February 2016, reports 13,5 million Syrians in need of humanitarian aid inside the country, 4,5 million in besieged or hard-to-reach areas, 6,5 million displaced people.

“Rape and other sexual violence, enforced disappearances, forced displacement, recruitment of child soldiers, summary executions and bombardments deliberately targeting civilians, have become commonplace. […] The scale of the humanitarian needs is overwhelming. "

374 million euros have already been allocated to the crisis in Syria by the European Union in 2015. Funding of one billion is planned for the period 2015-2016. The main transport routes are targeted. Humanitarian organizations are therefore, at best small, at worst suspended, due to increased insecurity.

In tears, a mother feeds her 7 month old baby. In his bottle, a yogurt diluted in water. That's all she can give him. A story too common in Syria.

In this tragic context, we are witnessing an unprecedented number of people turning to Jesus.

Christian Aid Mission sends us some testimonials.

A mother goes to church to pray:

- “Lord, I know you never let us down. We need food. As she leaves, on her way, she finds some money. What to buy bread. She happily returns home, with enough to feed her family. Her neighbors are taken aback. They ask him where this money comes from: "It is God who gave it to me". She then testifies of her faith and prays with her neighbors.

- Another mother is at church. She converted 2 weeks ago. We told him that here we prayed to the living God. Next to her, her 2-year-old daughter, paralyzed. She prays then looks at her daughter. The little one smiles. The little one moves her hands. The little walk. Jesus healed her!

- A jobless couple, with 7 children, stands firm in their faith and perseveres in witnessing even as their family, fundamentalist Muslims, seek to stone them.

- A father has a son with a serious skin disease. He heard of a place in his town where people pray for the sick. He goes there. The next day, when he woke up, he was healed. The whole family is converted.


source: Gospel Herald

Photo credit: Evgeni Zotov

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