'This is what we need to do': California church raises half a million dollars for Ukrainians

“We have been doing this for a few months and we will continue as long as God gives us the means. »

Calvary San Diego Church in Chula Vista, California is about 15 minutes from the US-Mexico border. When the Ukrainian refugees arrived at the American border, the Christians of this community immediately mobilized.

Pastor Phil Metzger tells the Christian post that his community was already praying for Ukrainians.

“We were already praying, we were already involved. When we heard about the opportunity to act on the border, it was only natural; that's what we have to do. This is the good deed in which we must participate at this time. »

The same evening they went to the border, offering emergency accommodation to the refugees. A hundred of them accepted the proposal. A number that then continued to “skyrocket”. They were accommodated in the church, but also with a hundred Christians. “They just saw the huge need and jumped in,” the pastor explains.

Several Ukrainians participated in Calvary services and some were baptized at Easter.

La Calvary has been supported by local businesses, restaurants, as well as other churches. Calvary's share price is around half a million dollars, or more than 470 euros.

After this emergency reception, the charity organization Samaritan's Purse took over to help the refugees to resettle in the long term.

Calvary also acts in Ukraine where it sends medicines. “We have been doing this for a few months and we will continue as long as God gives us the means”, can we read on the community website.


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