This crazy "bioethics law" concocted in the torpor of summer

Next Monday, July 27, the deputies will examine for the second time in public session the text of the bioethics bill, within the framework of the extraordinary summer session of the National Assembly.

LThe discussions are expected to last until Friday evening. 25 hours of legislative time have been programmed but this time can be doubled if necessary. One might expect it: nearly 2300 amendments were tabled in a special committee by around twenty deputies (out of 577!) Mostly LR and UDI (1300 amendments against 200 for LREM deputies) including 600 for the first article on " PMA for all ”. The government for its part tabled two amendments: the first to ban ROPA (or IVF for two mothers: the directed donation of oocytes intended to dissolve maternity in a lesbian couple: the oocytes of one are fertilized by a sperm donation then reimplanted in the body of the other…); the second government amendment aims to eliminate DPI-A (the extension of preimplantation genetic diagnosis (DPI) to the search for aneuploidy - anomaly in the number of chromosomes - on embryos conceived in vitro). The libertarian and eugenic extremism of these two provisions will undoubtedly have seemed too conspicuous (or too expensive!) To the government itself… A question of tempo!

Nevertheless: the measures which will be presented for second reading next week constitute a major anthropological breakthrough. They introduce a real revolution in generation, filiation and in the human species since they "objectify" the human being and cross the border which separates man from animals. : green light for the manufacture of the "baby medicine", for the production and "use" of transgenic embryos paving the way for the birth of genetically modified children, for the creation of human-animal chimeras (by the integration of human cells in animal embryos), to the non-consent of the spouse on the donation of gametes, to the almost automatic transcription of the status of the child born of surrogacy in the civil registry (last step before the legalization of surrogacy) )… All in all, it is a misappropriation of medicine and public finances, in defiance of any precautionary principle… and of the health, economic and social crisis that we are going through.

The conditions under which the bill will have been revised were denounced by 15 LR and UDI deputies in a column published on July 22 by Le Figaro. While the revision of this law "scheduled for two years deserved an in-depth parliamentary debate, a transparent and calm debate, a debate without passion and without evasions", "the will of the government to go as quickly as possible, its incredible absence in special committee, and a passage in public session on the sly during the very last days of the extraordinary session (between July 27 and August 1) and in a "sausage" way taints this revision with a serious democratic denial "they deplore . And at the end of this hussar exam, there won't even be a formal vote! "To be satisfied with a vote by show of hands in the early morning of Saturday, August 1 or during the weekend says a lot about the affront to Parliament and to our fellow citizens ...". However, the stakes of this bioethical law are considerable, remind the signatories: “We touch on the intimate, on the conception of the human being, on the body and on the so complex relationship between technology, science and progress. We touch on what constitutes each and every one of us. "

In the end, it is technoscience that will obtain, on the run, new "advances" to "objectify" the human being, to the great satisfaction of "transhumanists" and the procreation market, according to one. constant drift of all bioethics laws since 1994. The responsibility will fall to Emmanuel Macron, accuses Tugdual Derville, general delegate of Alliance Vita: "Renouncing his promise of a serene debate" and "after having thrown to the nettles the contributions he had requested during the States General and hearings at the Elysee Palace ", the President of the Republic left" the levers of this debate to the most transgressive deputies of his majority, in line with his appointment of Jean-Louis Touraine as rapporteur for the bill "-a notorious extremist at the helm, under the blissfully complacent eye of the LREM majority… The Alliance Vita association launched on July 23, a national campaign in the media and on social networks to denounce the manipulation of living organisms included in the bioethics bill and request its withdrawal from the Prime Minister.

Philip Oswald

source: Le Figaro

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