Theresa May tells BBC her Christian faith has helped her cope with infertility

Women around the world will be celebrating Mother's Day this month. Cards, personalized objects, flowers, drawings, hugs… But for some women, this day is sadder, sometimes even more painful.

Car according to the World Health Organization, infertility affects 48,5 million couples worldwide, and for these women and men, the road to parenthood is strewn with obstacles, sometimes even insurmountable. Among them, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May and her husband Philip have experienced the journey of infertility, and have not had the joy of welcoming a child into their home, although they would have had to. heart.

Theresa May confided in this subject during a talk show on the BBC. She tells how infertility had often darkened their lives.

“It's impossible to know what I would have been like if I had had children. It's sad. The point is that for us it was not possible… Of course, we are not the only couple who find themselves in this situation. When you are, you have to live with it… ”

But she also said her Christian faith had helped her cope with this situation.

“It's hard to explain in simple words, but in fact the faith was there and got me through these difficult times…”


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