Yad Vashem names 3 Christians "Righteous Among the Nations", discover their history

Cardinal Eugène Tisserant and Rector Mgr André Bouquin, and a French diplomat François De Vial, have just been named "Righteous Among the Nations" posthumously by Yad Vashem.

Two members of the clergy, Cardinal Eugène Tisserant and Rector Mgr André Bouquin, and a French diplomat François De Vial, have just been appointed "Righteous Among the Nations" posthumously by the Yad vashem. This title honors people who defended "the fundamental values ​​of humanity" during World War II and regarded "the Jews as human brothers".

The Yad Vashem honors their memory by reviewing their rescue stories, especially that of young Miron Lerner. Born in Paris to Jewish immigrants from Odessa, he became, with his sister Rivka, an orphan in 1937. In 1941, Rivka and Miron left their Parisian orphanage with the desire to join an orphanage in the free zone. It is finally in Rome that the children will take refuge.

Miron comes into contact with Father Pierre-Marie Benoît and other activists from Delasem, a Jewish relief organization, in a monastery. Father Benoît is discovered and must leave Rome. Before his departure, he entrusted Miron, then a teenager, to Cardinal Eugène Tisserant.

When Miron learns from the Cardinal that he is Jewish, the latter replies:

" It does not matter. What can I do for you ? "

He then entrusted Miron to Father Guékiére, who quickly entrusted him to the diplomat François de Vial, then secretary of the French representative in the Vatican. Miron will then return to Cardinal Tisserant, who will drive Miron to a small Vatican monastery, hiding him in his car.

In this monastery, the Rector Mgr André Bouquin welcomes Miron. He remained there until after the liberation of Rome in the summer of 1944.

After the liberation, Miron will find his sister in Paris. In 1998, Miron revealed the heroic acts of Eugène Tisserant, and the way in which he saved the lives of many Jews, including himself, during the Shoah.

More than 28 people have been recognized as “Righteous Among the Nations” by Yad Vashem. They come from 000 countries.


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