Why does the world not tolerate the proclamation of the Gospel?

After Hero, They would rather see us dead, My identity, River of evils, François and David Furtade are back with a new title, and it seems that nothing will cool them down in their fight in defense of persecuted Christians.

Car the 2 founding brothers of the first French Christian rap group, who grew up in “the neighborhoods”, are committed alongside those who are persecuted, and do not mince their words when it comes to Daesh, and the violent and bloodthirsty repression they lead against Christians.

If the Furtade brothers have reached “the age of reason”, they still did not decide to “hang up the gloves”! And they seek excellence to share a warlike message. The chiseled texts and a successful clip, will upset even the most hostile to rap. Because the message gets through, the emotion is transmitted, the atrocity of the persecution of Christians is forcefully unmasked ...

No half measures, it is a question of combat, war, vigil, blows of too many and honor:

“We advance in the enemy camp, ready by day and by night ...
Undermining the body. The enemy is targeting my faith. I tighten my elbows, parade postponed.
And I plant the cross. ”

And they recall the victory in Jesus, because “my success in Christ is predicted, a cloud of witnesses is supporting me”.

“To see us dead is all they want, to silence us, that's what they hope… They want to see the cross in chains.”

The clip ends with this text:

“Why does the world not tolerate the divinity of Christ? He does not tolerate the proclamation of the gospel. Such is the persecution. By words, by slander, by those things that Christians described in the early centuries. And I tell you that today there are more martyrs than in the early days of the Church. ”

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