The Voice 5: Beehann's vocal coach reveals his secrets

After an impressive performance of the song "Think" by Aretha Franklin, Beehann, a former Gospel singer, joins Garou's team. Eric, his vocal coach, reveals the secrets of a preparation that has borne fruit.

Hello Eric, can you tell us about your background?

JI am the vocal director of CDC France singing school, which exists since 2005. Today, our vocation is to help passionate singers to become the artists of their dreams. I have been practicing music since 1994 and I have been a singer and professional coach since 2002. I have traveled on international tours in more than 12 countries including the United States (Atlanta) and coached more than 650 students in my singing school CDC France in Paris .

I collaborated with Miss Dominique (La Nouvelle Star), Marcel Boungou (who sang in the soundtrack of The Lion King), Jo Ann Pickens (who collaborated with Paul McCartney of The Beatles). I have performed in front of tens of thousands of spectators in legendary Parisian venues such as the Bataclan, the Divan du Monde, the Casino de Paris and the Accorhotels Arena (formerly called Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy).

I am a multi-instrumentalist and studio arranger and I also worked for 4 years with the first French-speaking Gospel agency, partner of Stevie Wonder's last tour.

I am the vocal coach of Beehann for several years and I have helped her move towards those two dreams: musical performances and a solo career. This is how she was able to become the lead singer of the musical Dirty Dancing, then integrate the show The Voice season 5.

Why Beehann went from Gospel to Soul?

It is true that Beehann sang and taught Gospel for years. But she felt a deep need to express her values ​​outside the framework of sacred music. After participating in a showcase for The Lion King and appearing in the movie "Stars 80", her old dreams came true. And she made the decision to change course. Today, she wants to express her message, her values ​​through a directory where everyone can recognize themselves.

How did she experience the blind auditions?

Before the blind auditions, there are several steps that allow you to select and prepare the talents so that their performance is the best possible. It's a very well-oiled organization. But you have to have your head on your shoulders. The adventure is very intense emotionally. Some candidates are devastated because they weren't chosen. It can stop overnight. Of course after the show she got dozens of messages on Facebook page et on his website. She told me later that she didn't realize that the coaches turned around only at the end of her song. She was therefore very focused, which allowed her to channel her stage fright.

What are Beehann's secrets for a successful audition of this magnitude?

Although Beehann is starting to get used to doing castings and auditions at national and international level, it is important to keep a routine to stay at your best on the day of the auditions.

First of all, the song must be totally mastered, both in terms of lyrics, notes, rhythm, interpretation and even body language. When I was making her work on this Aretha Franklin song “Think” which is a monument, we took the time to break down each syllable of the song. Nothing was left to chance. Artists have 2 minutes to convince, so every second counts. So I set the bar even higher by increasing the tempo 20 points above the original! I was very tough but it paid off!

Then there is the physical form, she gets up very early (5 hours) and eats light (only fruit) and drinks a lot of water until her passage. Most people think that you have to eat well to be in good shape, whereas the opposite is true: the more we eat, the more we digest, which takes away 50% of our energy!

Of course, there is mental and spiritual preparation. Reflect, then focus on the audience, the message to be transmitted, shine, reflect the light that is in her.

What are Beehann's plans?

Beehann continues to participate in musical shows and at the same time, she begins a series of concerts in Paris and in the provinces. To follow his news and receive his videos and music for free, just register on his site:

And you, Eric, how can you benefit from your advice to sing like Beehann?

We provide training and coaching programs for singers of all levels. To receive our advice, subscribe to by clicking here.

Thank you Eric for this interview and God bless you and Beehann. 

Interview by David Nolent for Info Chrétienne

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