Turkish President Recep Erdogan calls for boycott of French products

The situation is deteriorating between France and Turkey and this Monday, October 26, when the Turkish president launches a call to boycott French products.

Din recent months, the tone has been mounting between Turkey and France.

After Emmanuel Macron's speech following the assassination of Samuel Paty, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, attacked the French president. In a televised speech on Saturday, October 24, the Turkish president attacked Emmanuel Macron's “mental health” to denounce his attitude towards Muslims.

Words deemed "unacceptable" by the French government which sent a strong message by announcing the recall for consultation of the French ambassador in Ankara. A historic measure.

Following these statements, messages of support for President Emmanuel Macron from various European leaders have multiplied.

This is the case of Spain which declared on the Twitter account of the Ministry of External Affairs:

“Following the call for consultation from the French Ambassador to Turkey, Spain stresses that confrontation and personal attacks, such as those suffered by President Emmanuel Macron will never have a place between allies and hope that a dialogue based on respect will be restored as soon as possible. "

The Greek Prime Minister also spoke on Twitter, calling the behavior "unacceptable":

“Personal insults against President Macron and hate speech against France by the Turkish leader are unacceptable, fuel religious hatred and undermine peaceful coexistence. Total support and solidarity for Emmanuel Macron and the French people, still in mourning for a heinous crime. "

Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands also wished to show his support for Emmanuel Macron and France

“President Erdogan's words to President Emmanuel Macron are unacceptable. The Netherlands strongly supports France and the collective values ​​of the European Union. For freedom of expression and against extremism and radicalism. "

German Chancellor Angela Merkel also condemned Recep Erdogan's remarks towards Emmanuel Macron whom she deemed "defamatory" as the AFP reports.

Today, to the repeated verbal excesses of the Turkish president is added a call for a boycott of French products which was relayed by AFP on Twitter.

The imam of Nîmes and vice-president of the Conference of imams of France, Hocine Drouiche, spoke about i24 at the beginning of the afternoon, condemning in turn the remarks of the Turkish president. He explained that Turkey's statements only added "fuel to the fire" serving "neither the living together, nor the presence and future of the Muslim community in France" adding that it would rather bring “No more tensions”.

The vice president of the Conference of Imams of France insisted on the independence of French Muslims and affirmed an open dialogue with the government.

“Within the Conference of Imams of France it was clearly said that we did not mandate President Erdogan, nor anyone, to speak on behalf of French Muslims. We are independent, we are French citizens. Dialogue is open with the government and the President of the Republic. "


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