The town hall of Saint-André in Reunion has set up a life-size crèche on its forecourt!

The town of Saint-André in Réunion has seen the town hall square turn into a magnificent Christmas garden. In the heat, the space looks like a winter garden, enough to cool off… symbolically.

THEsouthern summer is in full swing, and the shining city sees the Christmas entertainment sparkle. Lychees like decorations on shelves contribute to this festive air. Muslim traders decorated their windows to share in their own way the feast of Christians which this year coincides with the feast of Mawlid Nabawi, the birth of Muhammad, and thus respond to the festive and commercial atmosphere of this end of the year.

The island is predominantly Christian, and the Catholic Church is very established there.

This year, to everyone's delight, a life-size crèche has taken place under a green room… on the forecourt of the town hall. Many onlookers come to admire the Holy Family, which stands proudly in front of the emblem of the republic.

The Saint-Andréens are proud of this initiative taken by the municipality. Identity, culture and religion are intrinsic values ​​of the Reunionese population. And it is in a spirit of celebration and joy that each Saint Andrew comes to admire the symbol of Christian values ​​to which all are attached despite ... different faiths for some. This family celebration brings together young and old around the barbecue after Christmas mass.

The city of Saint-André has not followed the prevailing desire to harm the spirit of Christmas and to participate in the counter-values ​​that the current institutions carry.

Par Dominic L., IC correspondent in Reunion

Photo credit : Info Chrétienne

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