Will the support of our loved ones one day be entrusted to robots?

Could the support of our loved ones one day be entrusted to robots? This is the question posed by this short film that leaves us with a bitter taste.

LDigital contact seems to gradually replace physical contact. Television, internet, applications, social networks, home automation ... Can this avalanche of technologies, which certainly creates links, can it really replace the face-to-face relationship? Isn't the risk of seeing single people getting lost in isolation?

If the answer unfortunately seems obvious, this video aims to awaken our consciousness by extrapolating the place given to machines, in a science fiction short film, which reveals to us that the drifts are perhaps already within reach. .

In Japan, the Toyota group has just marketed a small pet robot. According to France-Soir newspaper, "The Japanese do not find it incongruous to speak directly to a robot and get attached to it easily." Moritaka Yoshida, an official at Toyota declares besides.

“We are responding to the growing problems of a society in which people no longer have anyone to talk to. "

Oddly enough, the promotional video for the Toyota company robot, which showcases the concept, is not that far removed from the video of CLM BBDO agency, aimed at denouncing the abuses.



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