“The storm passes”: A moving testimony bringing hope

“Nothing is impossible with God”. This sentence Darja Reichör has it tattooed on her skin, not as a memory of the too many trials she has already gone through, but as a cry of hope that reminds her of the miracles that the Lord has accomplished in her life. . 

In his book, "The storm passes" published by First Part editions, Darja Reichör, pastor at the Protestant church le Panier (EPP), offers us a moving testimony of his life as difficult as miraculous.

“The trials, we know them, we fear them, we experience them, we go through them, we overcome them and sometimes they crush us. One thing is certain, they are an integral part of our lives,” writes the author at the start of her book.

The XNUMX-year-old has certainly not been spared by life. And yet, with each ordeal, each more painful than the other, she was able to rebuild herself, she saw miracles, she heard God speak to her and guide her. His book is a story of incredible resilience rooted in the presence and action of the Father.

Victim of sexual abuse at the age of nine, Darja will also go through difficult and risky pregnancies, come close to death on several occasions, witness the attempted kidnapping of one of her daughters and see her children suffer. . So how do you survive after going through so many painful moments? Thank God, reveals the fervent believer over the pages.

In each chapter, Darja Reichör traces these stormy moments and shows us a sincere and authentic testimony of what it means to be a Christian in the midst of suffering. Often, in difficult times, we don't have the answer to the "why", this book encourages us to focus on the "how". “How can God change what is dramatic into something magnificent? ".

His testimony is interspersed with “actions” that invite us to reread our own suffering while keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus.

With "The Storm Passes", Darja Reichör reminds us above all that even the most dramatic situations can bring hope.

Camille Westphal Perrier

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