The Council of State validates the censorship by the CSA of the advertising clip "Dear future mom"

"Dear future mom", this 2mn 30 video broadcast in 2014 by the M6 ​​channel, had sparked a heated debate. Young people with Down's syndrome from all over the world share their joy in life, the difficulties encountered and their love for their mother.

Che hopeful message aimed to raise public awareness, and more specifically expectant mothers, of this handicap. In 2014, the Superior Audiovisual Council (CSA) felt that this documentary had no place among commercials. According to him it was not a "message of general interest", and therefore authorized by derogation to appear among the pubs, because it was addressed specifically to pregnant women, and especially because it was "likely to disturb" women having had recourse to a Medical Interruption of Pregnancy, following a prenatal diagnosis of trisomy for example.

Individuals and associations then had challenged this decision before the Council of State. On November 10, 2016, the Council of State finally rejected this appeal. The Council of State underlines that the CSA did not infringe the freedom of expression, and confirms that the place of this message was not appropriate among the commercials.

What place is there in our society for people with Down's syndrome?

Associations have been created to help these young people and their families.

The Trisomy 21 association, which brings together a set of associations, aims to:

“Build and participate in the different forms of inclusive pathways for young people and help them in cooperation with families and the various support actors to develop and carry out their individual life project in an ordinary environment. "

“Trisomy 21 Aquitaine”, for example, supported Yvan. This 20-year-old works as a waiter in a restaurant. He is supported by his entire work team, by social services and by his grandmother who wants him to have a future and a place in society. He is happy and he has dreams. Watch this beautiful report from France 3.

This issue of disability is disturbing. Most of our fellow citizens have not learned how to behave with people "who are not like the others".

Yvan and many others with him are an answer to this insidious question: why were such children allowed to live, when early detection could lead to therapeutic abortion?

A growing percentage of our fellow citizens think about suicide, for a variety of reasons that can be grouped together under this formula: they are not happy.

Yvan's happiness is for them and for us a huge encouragement and a challenge!

Thank you for existing Yvan!

Elisabeth dugas

Source: Council of state

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