The Special Bioethics Commission, adrift, secretly opens the door to surrogacy

La Manif Pour Tous press release

Obesides PMA without father and sexless procreation for all, the members of the special commission adopted the technique of CLOTHING, anteroom of the GPA... In the absence of any member of the government, who has not even tabled amendments to the bioethics bill, the Special Bioethics Commission goes even further in the transgressions than the National Assembly had done in the 1st reading.

Despite the seriousness of the health, economic and social situation, the President of the Republic has made the second reading of the bioethics bill a priority subject for the extraordinary session of Parliament. As one might expect, overwhelmed by the current situation in France and the consequences of the failure of LREM at municipal elections, not a member of the government is present for the examination of this bioethics bill by the Commission special of the National Assembly. The government did not even find the time to prepare and table amendments to the text despite the plethora of advisers from ministerial cabinets mobilized at the Palais Bourbon. In fact, the time has come for bioethics, which presupposes time and serenity given the importance of human and ethical issues! “It is time to put an end to this masquerade unworthy of our democracy. The government and its majority must draw the consequences instead of continuing to move forward blindly on these sensitive subjects ”declares Ludovine de La Rochère, President of La Manif Pour Tous.

The current health context makes it impossible to organize large-scale demonstrations for the many opponents of this project, which contains so many injustices and transgressions. This does not prevent the few parliamentarians of the Special Commission from suppressing all the advances made by the Senate at 1st reading, taking advantage, in addition, of the opportunity to go even further than the National Assembly had done. at first reading. As of Monday evening, article 1A, introduced by the Senate - “No one has the right to a child” - was deleted by the Commission. A deletion that says a lot: for some deputies, the child is not a subject of law, but the object of rights. Thus, as soon as there is a desire for a child, the State should ensure its realization, that is to say, use existing medical techniques so that a child is conceived, and whatever the outcome. parentage of the child and the implications for him.

Return of procreation without sex for all
The Commission, which did not have to re-establish the fatherless PMA, which the Senate had voted with a few dozen votes, returned to the medical condition provided by the senators for male-female couples. “Sexless procreation for all” is therefore back since Tuesday in the bioethics bill.

ROPA, antechamber of surrogacy
The legalization of the ROPA technique on medical conditions was also voted on Tuesday, June 30. This technique consists, in a couple of women, in taking the oocytes of one to conceive a child by IVF with an anonymous donation of sperm, and then inseminate it to the other woman. The medical conditions are meaningless here. Indeed, if one of the women suffers from a fertility pathology, ROPA is not useful since the possible recourse to this technique attests to the fact that the other woman is fertile. “ROPA is a form of surrogacy. It creates a disturbing situation for the child who will not be able to locate himself between two women whose mother it becomes impossible to say. Unlike all children in the world, the child born to ROPA will therefore have an erased father and an unidentifiable mother: it is an intolerable injustice. The deputies, who have forgotten all precautionary principles, obviously do not care to take risks for the children ”summarizes Ludovine de La Rochère

This Wednesday morning July 1, the Special Commission re-established the reimbursement of the PMA without medical reason, confirming its opinion of the 1st reading which was to override the missions of the Health Insurance.

She also restored article 2 of the bill, that is to say oocyte self-preservation without medical reason. The deputies, who nevertheless proclaim themselves defenders of the interests of women, did not want to hear that it is up to the company to adapt to women and not the other way around. If this measure were adopted at the end of the legislative process, women of natural childbearing age would be subject to pressure from their employer, at least implicitly, to postpone their motherhood plan. Unfortunately, the success rate of assisted reproduction is very low, many of them will never have children. This measure also goes against the ecological approach since it will increase the use of assisted reproduction techniques for women who are apparently fertile a few years earlier. An obvious misunderstanding of which women will be the first victims.

"While the experience of the health crisis should have led to the re-use of the bioethics bill to make it consistent with the situation of our health system, with the need for more solidarity and fraternity, or even with budgetary requirements , the Special Bioethics Commission has become radicalized in its transgressive positions "underlines Ludovine de La Rochère, who adds:" at a time when the French are calling for reason on globalization, the deputies are putting in place the conditions for the development of international business. procreation. In fact, beyond the limits of assisted reproduction on medical grounds, there are no longer any limits. This is what we have said over and over since the debates on fatherless assisted reproduction began. "

La Manif Pour Tous press release

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