The series "The Chosen", an evangelization tool

Discover the testimony of Paul Gaye of the University Biblical Groups. He explains how The Chosen series can be a real tool of evangelization and provoke deep debates, after having observed it within the group of students that it accompanies to Cergy. 

Since September in Cergy, Paul Gaye has been working for University Bible Groups (GBU). It is a student association present on campuses since 1943. Its role? Make the Bible and its message known through cultural actions and with respect for secularism.

Lately, he proposed to his group of students to do pizza parties - The Chosen, sensing that this would be a good way to open the debate.

“Our main tool for making the Bible known are discussions, debates, the goal is to bring the text to life. When I watch an episode of The Chosen, it's the same thing with a medium of such quality that it facilitates and amplifies the work that we usually do! "

In her group of students, there is a young girl, Charline (it's an assumed name) who is not a Christian but who is interested in the faith. Very touched by the series, she began to write down questions that allow after each episode to create discussions around the message of the Gospel.

“She asks herself questions about the human nature of Christ,” he confides in us. “These are great theological questions debated for centuries, and thanks to the series we can have some elements of answers. Audiovisual is a relevant way of transmitting a message, especially when it is done with seriousness and quality ”.

Because as the member of the GBU underlines, in The Chosen "every detail has been thought out and is particularly faithful to the Bible, or to the historical context, almost nothing has been done". "It is of great cinematographic, theological and historical quality."

According to Paul Gaye, who was able to observe it with the students he accompanies, the enthusiasm aroused by the series is contagious. An enthusiasm which, according to him, "has the potential to reach people outside Christian circles, people who might not have had contact with the gospel otherwise".

For the future, he imagines that the GBU could create packages so that each group can exchange around the Bible thanks to the series.

A great encouragement as The Chosen will soon be available on Canal + series and on C8 !

Do you also want to join the team of ambassadors for the series in France? For more information click here.

Camille Westphal Perrier

Article originally published on December 10, 2021.

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