Ohio Senate Says 'No' To Abortion Just For Trisomy 21 Diagnosis

The Ohio Senate passed the Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act this week. It prohibits abortion based solely on the diagnosis of Down syndrome.

Si this law Project results, performing an abortion based on a diagnosis of Down syndrome would become a fourth degree felony. The state medical commission would also have the power to revoke a doctor's license if he was found guilty of abortion for that reason alone. The Ohio House had passed a similar law two weeks earlier.

After mutual approval the bill should be proposed to Governor John Kasich.

Ohio Right to Life hailed the news. Abortion based on a diagnosis of Down syndrome is, according to them, “eugenic”.

“All Ohioans, regardless of gender, skin color or disability, deserve the right to live the God-given potential and purpose. "

Mr. Gonidakis even put forward a statistic,

“There is a reason that 99% of people with Down syndrome are happy with their lives […] They live happily, contagiously to others, and we are happy that the Ohio Senate recognizes that their life is worth living. "


source: CBN News

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