Seal of 2700-year-old governor of Jerusalem confirms biblical texts

Israeli archaeologists unveiled Monday January 1, a 2-year-old clay seal believed to have belonged to a biblical governor of Jerusalem.

LThe seal bears the inscription "belonging to the governor of the city", written in ancient Hebrew script. It would be dated to the First Temple period, between 1006 and 586 BC. It belonged to the “governor of the city” of Jerusalem, who was the most important post in the city 2700 years ago. It was unearthed near the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem. The imprint, about the size of a small coin, shows two men standing, facing each other in a mirror and wearing striped clothing that reaches down to their knees.

According to a statement released by excavator Shlomit Weksler-Bdolah,

“It supports the biblical representation of the existence of a city governor in Jerusalem 2 years ago. "

Indeed, the governors of Jerusalem, appointed by the king, are mentioned twice in the Bible, in 2 Kings and in 2 Chronicles, during the reign of Josiah.

“The Bible mentions two rulers of Jerusalem, so this finding reveals that such a position was indeed held by someone in the city 2700 years ago. "

The Antiquities Authority revealed this major discovery weeks after US President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital, a move that ran counter to statements made by his predecessors on the city's status, and which prompted numerous Palestinian and international protests.

Nir Barkat, the mayor of Jerusalem said:

“This shows that already 2700 years ago, Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, was a strong and central city. Jerusalem is one of the oldest capitals in the world, endlessly populated by the Jewish people for over 3000 years. "


“Today we have the privilege of meeting another from the long chain of people and leaders who built and developed the city. We are grateful to live in a city with such a magnificent past and are obligated to ensure its strength for generations to come ” 

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