Scott Brothers actor Chad Michael Murray reads the Bible every morning

In a recent interview for Fox News, actor Chad Michael Murray explained how he stayed spiritually grounded working for Hollywood, including regular Bible reading. 

American actor Chad Michael Murray is well known for his role as Lucas Scott in the series The Brothers Scott or more recently for having starred in the teenage series Riverdale.

Dance an interview with Fox News, the 40-year-old actor recently opened up about his Christian faith, which is a daily strength for him.

"I get up every day and put on this spiritual armor, read the Bible and do some devotions, and then get ready to go to work," the star said.

“I feel stronger and safer walking on sets every day, knowing that I have God with me. Jesus is there with me everyday,” he continued.

“When you have that comfort that you feel safe, you feel different, you feel the ability to carry more, your shoulders are bigger, you can carry more weight. »

Chad Michael Murray also explained that he turned down some projects because of his Christian beliefs. "I stick to the things I believe in," the actor said.

“If you don't fully love and embrace the character you're playing, it will show on screen. I always want to give the people I work with and the people who are going to watch the movie, the maximum of me. »

In one previous interview with Fox News in 2020, he had previously spoken of the role that faith plays in his family, explaining that he prays every day at the dinner table with his wife, actress Sarah Roemer, and their two children.

“We pray at every meal. This is one of the foundations of teaching a good moral compass to our children,” he said before explaining the importance, according to him, of having “the fear of God”.

“Having the fear of God is vital because, to be honest, what have you got to lose if you are not afraid of Him. If you are not afraid of God, it would be chaos here. »


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Faith therefore holds an important place in the life of the interpreter of Lucas Scott who mentions God even in Instagram account description where he writes: “Put God and family first, the rest will follow naturally”.

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