Camille's editorial of October 12: Impossible to keep silent

On the occasion of World Missionary Week 2021, which will take place from October 17 to 24, the Pontifical Mission Societies invites you to discover a song of praise entitled: "Impossible to keep silent". 

“We cannot be silent, we want to proclaim what we have seen and heard, what has happened. It is by your name, O Jesus, that we are delivered, how can we not shout for joy and sing of your blessings! ". Here is an excerpt from the words of this song of praise trainer whose clip was shot at the top of Saint-Sulpice church, in Paris.

Léonard Noël du Payrat, the composer and performer of the song, explains that the words of this title find their origin in the book of Acts, in chapter 4 and in verse 20.

“As for us, we cannot but announce what we have seen and heard. "

As Christians, it is indeed impossible for us to silence the message of the Good News! (Or let's say it should be, and if sometimes we forget it here's a good reminder!).

Today's news invites us to discover other messages, which it seems impossible to keep silent.

Monday, October 11, six days after the publication of the report of the Independent Commission on Sexual Abuse in the Church (CIASE), faced with a situation described as "bankruptcy", Christine Pedotti, editorial director of Christian Testimony, the theologian Anne Soupa and François Devaux, co-founder of the Liberated Word call on the bishops of France to collective resignation.

“Together, let us make the Church a reliable home; a house where children and women are safe, where consciences are respected, where freedom is protected. »Write the signatories of this appeal.

Monday, October 11, was also the International Day of the Girl, established in 2011 by the United Nations General Assembly in order to "recognize the rights of girls and the particular obstacles they face around the world".

On this occasion, Pakistan Catholic Bishops' Conference calls on authorities to take legal action to end forced marriage which particularly targets young girls from religious minorities.

It is also on the occasion of this day that the organization S published Sunday, a global report on the childhood of girls, including their rights in times of crisis.

“Child marriage is one of the most serious and deadly forms of sexual and gender-based violence against girls,” said Janti Soeripto, President and CEO of Save the Children. The organization calls on governments to make girls' voices heard and guarantee their rights.

In the aftermath of this International Day, these news invite us to pray for young girls around the world who see their rights violated and their youth stolen.

Camille Westphal Perrier

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