The Pope accepts the resignation of the Archbishop of Paris, Mgr Michel Aupetit

Pope Francis accepted this Thursday, December 2 the resignation of the Archbishop of Paris. Bishop Michel Aupetit had handed over his office to the pontiff last week after the publication of an article questioning his governance as well as his private life. 

Le Holy See Press Office said this Thursday, December 2 that Pope Francis has accepted "the resignation of the pastoral charge of the metropolitan archdiocese of Paris, France, presented by Mgr Michel Aupetit". François appointed Apostolic Administrator of Paris the Archbishop Emeritus of Marseille, Mgr Georges Pontier.

“The Holy Father has accepted the resignation of the pastoral charge of the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Paris, France, presented by Mgr Michel Aupetit, and at the same time appointed Mgr Georges Pontier apostolic administrator sede vacante and ad nutum Sanctae Sedis of the same archdiocese . "

Michel Aupetit presented his resignation to Pope Francis last week after the publication of an investigation in Le Point which suggested that he would have had an "intimate relationship" with a woman in 2012. A relationship denied by the Archbishop of Paris who however admitted to having "mismanaged the situation with a person who has come forward to [him] on several occasions ”. Its governance has also been questioned.

Following the announcement of the acceptance of his resignation by the Pope, Michel Aupetit, now Archbishop Emeritus of Paris, published a statement echoed by several media including Vatican News.

In this message which begins with “the Lord gave, the Lord has taken back. May the Name of the Lord be blessed! ", He declares to have been" greatly disturbed "by the attacks he suffered. However, he affirms to give today "thanks to God for having the heart deeply in peace".

He also apologizes to those whom he "could have hurt" and "assures them all of [his] deep friendship and [his] prayer, which [their] will always be won." In addition, he praises the diocese of Paris "inhabited by a profound dynamism" and "on the way to a new way of living fraternity starting from our common baptism, in a synodality without posture between the different states of life. ".

“I have total confidence in what has been initiated with the Vicars General and the various councils around me. This momentum will not abate and I ask everyone to work so that what has been started is accomplished, in the breath of the Holy Spirit, ”he continues.

“I remain totally united with you and walk with you towards the accomplishment of Salvation” he writes in conclusion before quoting the “message of his very first homily: 'Do not look at the Archbishop, look at Christ!' "

Camille Westphal Perrier

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