Neymar's 100% Jesus headband censored by FIFA!

2016-01-15 screenshot at 21.55.35In June 2015, Neymar celebrated his victory in the Champions League in wearing a 100% Jesus headband on his forehead. A way of thanking Jesus for the success he dreamed of! A beautiful way to raise the name of Jesus in front of tens of millions of viewers. This testimony of faith had then created controversy because it had been perceived as an act of proselytizing, which FIFA has banned on stadiums since 2009.

Dn the official FIFA video for the presentation of the nominees for the 2015 Ballon d'Or on January 11, 2016 in Zurich, Neymar's “100% Jesus” has been erased from his banner! FIFA claims to have retouched these images "out of respect", certainly not respect for the religious opinions of the footballer! Neymar is a Brazilian player and a staunch Christian, when he was 14 his pastor allegedly prophesied that he would one day become one of the greatest soccer players in the world.


source: Media Press Info

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