The live #OnEstEnsemble needs you!

Don't miss the #OnEstEnsemble live, tonight at 18 p.m., with Bérengère Series, Ivan Carluer and Matt Marvane.

Atoday, the live #We are together needs you more than ever! And to support this team, nothing complicated ... You probably know someone who has not yet registered for the daily live. It's time to y invite !

Could you, if you haven't already, share the page we are to your friends, to the brothers and sisters of your church, your community, your church… to sign up for the daily live?

Today, in these Easter times, the live will focus on the hope that is based on the promises of God. The witness will be Bérengère Series by Ti Rayon Soleil. The guest of the day will be Ivan Carluer, pastor of the Martin Luther King Church in Créteil. Matt Marvane will lead us in praise.

And to keep you patient until tonight, we invite you to sing “Our Father” with Matt!


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