Grégory Turpin's "Little guide to a transformed life", an invitation to boost our spiritual life

We are sometimes overwhelmed, suffocated by routine and a very active daily life which prevents us from fully living our spiritual life. If this is your case then Grégory Turpin's "Short guide to a transformed life: 40 days to put prayer into your daily life" is for you!

We no longer present Grégory Turpin, famous singer and first Christian artist to have signed with Universal Music. He is also known for having published several books and co-founded Première Partie, a music production and publishing house.

The artist who travels France and the world for his tours knows well the realities of a life filled with activities. If he is familiar with the difficulty of combining daily life and a deep relationship with God, he also knows the fruits of it. That's why the singer wrote this new edition of his "A Little Guide to a Transformed Life" which offers a simple and concrete path to encourage us to set up a spiritual routine in our lives.

From the first pages of his book, the author warns us that this is not yet another personal development book, but that he simply wishes to share what has changed his life, namely a relationship of closeness to the Lord nourished by prayer.

In this book sprinkled with illustrations and biblical verses, he suggests that we follow a 42-day program to get closer to God.

Each day, he invites the reader to take a moment of silence, to read a short introductory text, to meditate on a word from the Bible and to discover advice to implement during the day.

A manual with an educational, useful and encouraging tone that reminds us that we are on a mission to radiate the Love received in prayer and above all that happiness is above all with God!

Camille Westphal Perrier

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