The Lefèvre, a family gem

On TV, it's always Christmas before its time. Tomorrow evening, Miss France will celebrate its 100 years on TF1. Last Tuesday, the event was on M6 with the final of France has an unbelievable talent. Karine Le Marchand's show had an audience record: 4,8 million viewers, the most watched program of the evening and the most watched final for 12 years!

AToday, a family with angel faces lives on its cloud: they are the Lefevres, winner of this 2020 season: two parents, six children, all united by a passion for lyrical singing. The repertoire of this large-non-reconstituted-Catho-Versailles family? Sacred music… With all these defects, it really took talent not to be eliminated. On arrival, 30,1% of the votes went to this polyphonic choir, which is much more than for the other artists on the podium, the Wonsembe (13,8%) and the Sancho (10%).

How to explain this phenomenon which, without being a tsunami, is a beautiful television wave?

Ashley Bensimhon, producer of the show for the company Fremantle, analyzes in Le Figaro: “When we saw them for the first time, we all thought of “The Melody of Happiness”, the jury was a little mocking. But you know, I'm Jewish, religion or not, I loved it: what this family gave was way above it all. From the start, the Lefevres have exuded a harmony, a conviction and a joy in singing together that the public immediately appreciated. What's more, at the end of this tough year! This family work, their benevolence worked like a magic… They brought us happiness. " For Ashley Bensimhon to confess her Jewish identity is not neutral as it intertwines family and religious traditions. Harmony when disunity is everywhere; joy when sadness is everywhere; conviction (what if it was faith?) when nothingness is everywhere ... this is what won the Lefevres, no doubt from the first glance and above all their eardrum.

In this dark year, the jury saw a ray of light flood the stage. That's all the difference between impress, what acrobatics do, and move, what music and song do when they are beautiful. These arts are not limited to a feat: they carry an idea which, spreading through sensitivity, penetrates the soul. This is a lesson for Catholic militancy: the emotional process of seduction is always more efficient than rational process of conviction. This is how the Entertainment industry shapes mores. Entertainment is to market societies what ideology is to dictatorships. These high-quality, commercial-heavy shows are both a channel and a matrix. To have won in this universe is an achievement.

When political parties no longer know where they live, the ballots pour into the TV box. Should this be seen as a revenge for a despised sociology? Since 2012, demonstrations against “gay marriage” and the PMA deplore counting systems. Tuesday evening, the virality played full and after having grumbled against the locking of cults, this movement made up for it by overflowing the catho gauge.

In addition to their voice, the Lefevres gave a testimony of simplicity and enthusiasm. Nothing to do with the cliché of the rich bourgeois of the 78 taking the big head. Moreover, after having kindly housed them in Versailles, the jury moved on. This is the biggest lesson of this event: to remove the mask, that of the caricature. No divisive aspect ever appeared in them. However, the image they returned, many do not support it, as if the happiness of some made the misfortune of others. Not even to mention the jealousy aroused by the check for € 100 ... For three days, Internet users "Enraged" against this "Perfect family" and try to give it a big red nose, like the Dépêche du Midi writing Lefèvre as… Archbishop Lefebvre.

Viewers saw something else: a kind of moment of grace, time suspended from the expression of who knows what good news. The interpretation of Sweet night exalted childhood and innocence. Like a respite between the attack on the Basilica in Nice and the fear of an attack on a church at Christmas.

Louis Daufresne

source: Le Figaro

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