"Les innocentes", the true story of nuns raped during the second world war

innocentDecember 1945 in Poland near Warsaw, nuns give birth to babies. They became pregnant following rapes perpetrated by Soviet soldiers. It is together that they find the path of life with the help of a young French woman doctor. The film "The Innocents" based on these real facts is released in theaters on February 10, 2016.

Cow can you tell about the war without talking about the women who are raped as if they were a trophy? Seventy years after the events, the film “The Innocents” lifts the veil on this story kept secret during the victory of the allies over the Nazi armies. Mathilde Pauliac, played by Lou de Laage, is a resistance fighter, a young doctor assisting the Red Cross. She is in Poland to treat and repatriate wounded soldiers or French prisoners of war. She will take risks to help and care for these sisters. It's thanks to her, through his notes and secret reports to General de Gaulle, that this story is known today.

"Les innocentes is such a current film and the character I play in it is so modern that I don't have the feeling that I shot a story that takes place in 1945. For me, Mathilde is a girl of today" hui. »Lou de Laage

The contrast between the locked-in attitude of the Mother Superior and the open-mindedness shown by the sisters in agreeing to begin a relationship with the young female doctor who comes to their aid is one of the film's strong points.

innocent 2Beyond this experience of the Polish sisters, the film questions about faith, about our relationship to life, to respect for human beings. Her sisters are going to give birth and history will remember the life of an orphanage where their children were raised with orphans from the Second World War. They will experience it as redemption in the midst of post-war unrest, without losing their faith. They are bruised but inhabited by their faith.

"Even in the chaos, we can continue to believe… It feels good to reread the [script of the] film which gives hope" expresses Lou de La age

“Motherhood, the questioning of faith were themes that I wanted to explore. I wanted to get as close as possible to what is happening inside these beings, to tell the unspeakable. Spirituality had to be at the heart of the film. »Anne Fontaine, director

We can think that the history of these Benedictine nuns raped during the Second World War is singular. Yet this film brings us back to the news. In all theaters of war, women pay a heavy price by being reduced to being sex slaves, by being raped, mutilated or martyred. In Syria, in Iraq. as Democratic Republic of Congo. as Afghanistan in Pakistan… Women are still raped by men who forget their own humanity. Benedictine sisters emphasized that this film is a cry of women for today: “Before being religious, we are women” The film was also viewed in the Vatican on rape of nuns in the world is a concern for the Church.

Nathanael Bechdolff

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