The Handwritten Bible: What if you became a modern Bible copyist thanks to the Biblical Alliance?

[Update at 18:50 pm]

You have until June 21 to participate in the "Handwritten Bible" project, proposed by the Alliance Biblique Française.

THEFrench Biblical Alliance offers you a projet unique interfaith: create a manuscript version of the Psalms and the New Testament. And she invites you to participate by writing a chapter by hand, according to your style and your imagination!

For the Biblical Alliance, it is a “collective work that creates links, a work that is beautiful to see and read, to circulate, in order to transmit to the greatest number a message of exceptional richness”.

This Handwritten bible will then be published by the Alliance Biblique and will be broadcast throughout the French-speaking world. And the original copy will circulate in churches.

You have until June 21 to participate. You will find more information here.


Image Credit: Screen Youtube - French Biblical Alliance

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