The French and abortion: What does the survey ordered from Ifop by the Alliance Vita association say?

The pro-life association Alliance Vita has commissioned a survey from Ifop which analyzes the point of view of the French on abortion.

Awhen the bill for extend the period of access to abortion will be studied at the National Assembly on Thursday 8 October, the Alliance Vita association has ordered a survey at Ifop highlighting the relationship that the French have with abortion.

The poll published this Wednesday, October 7 is based on a survey conducted among a sample of 1,039 people “Representative of the French population aged 18 and over”. Interviews were conducted between September 30 and October 1 of this year by self-administered online questionnaire.

According to the polling institute, the French show themselves " very divided about abortion", Since 51% of those questioned believe that" such a situation is worrying because abortion remains an act that one would prefer to avoid ". An opinion that is shared by 52% of women.

While 49% of French respondents consider that abortion is "a normal situation because abortion is an act to which women can be exposed during their life".

On the other hand, the fact that “abortion leaves psychological traces that are difficult for women to live with” is an opinion shared by 92% of people who responded to this survey.

And it's 73% of respondents who think that "society should do more to help women avoid the use of Voluntary Pregnancy Termination".




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