The final of #OnEstEnsemble the live, tonight at 18 p.m., promises to be extraordinary!

Tonight, at 18 p.m., don't miss the final of #OnEstEnsemble le live.

CMonday, May 11 marks the start of deconfinement in France and consequently the final de #We are together the live. The whole team thanks you very much for sharing these 53 blessed meetings and looks forward to seeing many of you for this 54th live.

Tonight, at 18 p.m., all the chroniclers will be present. Éric Célérier, Elise Polinus, Benjamin Derand, Luc Dumont and Grégory Turpin will be alongside pastors Bruno Picard and Patrice Martorano and worship leaders Sébastian Demrey, Dan Luiten, Stéphane Quéry and Sébastien Corn, who will also offer you an after-party together.

This live will be an opportunity to live a special time together, since you will be invited to take the Lord's Supper together. So plan your bread and your wine, or your juice of reason, to share this extraordinary time.

It is with great emotion that Eric Célérier prepares for this live.

“Today is the start of deconfinement in France and therefore the final of #OnEstEnsemble. I understand your emotion. I share it. We feel so blessed, along with our team, to have been able to serve you during these 54 days of confinement.
They say even the best things come to an end. But if there is one thing that is not going to end it is our brotherly love and all that God has sown in our lives during these times together. To Him be all the glory…!
So many blessings, inspired guests, magnificent witnesses, moments of grace suspended between earth and sky.
Thank you for all your testimonials, your comments during the direct, your 'blue' thumbs, the completed surveys, your 'We are together!' Videos. which allowed us to discover your beautiful smiles. "

You can attend the live #We are together here, but also on Facebook et YouTube.




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