"The Family pegged at the heart": Interview with Françoise Caron

On the occasion of the release of her book "La Famille ankillée au coeur", published by First Part, Françoise Caron, president of the National Federation of Protestant Family Associations, answered InfoChrétienne's questions. 



This testimony which reads like a novel, "The Family pegged to the heart" published in Editions Part One, could as well have been called "Faith pegged to the heart" or "Perseverance" which are the three main themes of the book. During 21 chapters which all begin with a verse, Francois Caron invites us to "go up the river" of his "little tumultuous life, sometimes perilous, but always for the benefit of the care of the Heavenly Father".

Suffering from a degenerative disease that affects her eyesight, the author faces extraordinary challenges from the age of 5. Every detail of daily life then becomes a test, but never an obstacle, since with the help of God and her beloved family, little Françoise will overcome each of these challenges with relentless perseverance.

“Each apprenticeship was based on the same principle: I had to convince, I hurt myself, I struggled, I succeeded or I failed, but I had tried. "

She will learn to read, write, have an almost normal education until the age of 16, drive, work, get married, raise her four children and even those of others!

Because it is ultimately the subject of this book, the journey of the one the media nicknamed "Madame Famille" who dedicated her life to taking care of "injured" children. With her husband Christian, they were foster families before creating and running for a few years an atypical “Manoah” home, halfway between foster family and traditional social home with educators.

Throughout the pages of “La Famille ankillée au coeur”, the author looks back on these experiences which shaped her career and on this commitment, which has been and still is a driving force for the president of the National Federation of Protestant Family Associations. .

Finally, Françoise Caron tells us about her faith. She evokes a vital link with this loving God that she really meets for the first time at the age of 15 and who will transform her life.

 “Faith does not prevent the vicissitudes of life, but it is a source, a pillar on which to lean and nourish oneself. "

“In these chapters, there is everything at the same time and everything is missing! The power of life is not easily locked away in a book. »Writes the author who nevertheless gives us a powerful and emotional testimony.

Camille Westphal Perrier

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